this is seriously my favorite episode

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last night i woke up because two dudes were fighting underneath my window and one dude kept screaming “BRO!! BRO YOU CALLED ME A BITCH IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE BAR BRO!! THE WHOLE BAR!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT BRO??” he sounded so heart broken. why bro. why did you do this.

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people saying they want evan peters’ lobster claw fingers inside of them


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I’ve come a long way and I watched a lot of people die; good people, friends. If you wanna wallow in self-pity and do nothing, then you’re gonna watch the same thing, you understand?
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Right down to the last bullet.

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They had to really dumb down my martial art skills. Because I’m a 10th degree black belt in every martial art. I did Kung Fu when I was, I think, in like third grade. So I was pretty much qulified to kick ass in space.

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